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See How Vonage Phone Plans Compare

Whether as a replacement for your traditional landline service or a dedicated second line for your home business, Vonage offers a cost efficient solution

InstallationFreeUpto £108.33Upto £41.67Upto £41.67Free
Line Rental£0£15.83/month£14.75/month£14.50/month£0
Minimum Contract Length30 Days*12 months12 months12 monthsPay As You Go
UK Landlines (per min)Included9.2p9.6p9.6p1.4p
UK Mobiles (per min)8.3p12.5p9.6p9.6p6.3p
0845/0870 (per min)7.9p access charge plus call recipient's service charge 9.2p access charge plus call recipient's service charge6.25p access charge plus call recipient's service charge9.6p access charge plus call recipient's service charge9.2p access charge plus call recipient's service charge
US/Canada (per min)1.7p37.5p16.7pFrom 15.3p1.4p
EU Landlines (per min)From 1.7pFrom 37.5pFrom 16.7pFrom 14.0pFrom 1.4p
Use Home PhoneYesYesYesYesNo
Smartphone AppMake calls from your calling plan & receive calls made to landline numberMake calls from your calling planMake calls from your calling planNoMake and receive calls on App
Call WaitingIncluded£3.54/month£2.13/month£2.08/monthN/A
Caller DisplayIncluded£3.54/monthIncludedIncludedIncluded
Call DivertIncluded£3.54/month£2.13/month£2.08/monthCall forwarding available
Anonymous Call BlockIncluded£4.83/monthIncluded£3.33/monthN/A
3-Way CallingIncluded£3.54/month£2.13/month£2.08/monthGroup calling

*terms and conditions apply